General Information

We are offering terms for 8 weeks. We also do different workshops during the year. They will be announced separately.

If you can’t come to a class during a term due to sickness, it is no problem to catch up the class on another day within the term. It is not possible to transfer missed classes over to the next term.

Term 2024

Term 1 Monday 22 January to Saturday 11 April 8 weeks – some classes start earlier, some later
Term 2 Monday 22 April to Saturday 15th of June 8 weeks
Term 3 Monday 8 July to Saturday 24th of August 8 weeks
Term 4 Monday 9th September to Saturday 02 November 8 weeks

The studio is open during term and closed for term holidays, except for special workshops

Classes and Fees

The prices of classes include glazing and firing within agreed limits.  Clay is charged separately.
Clay can be bought at the studio.  We fire maximum to Cone 6.   The clay, you bring, must be in the original package and will be fired to Earthenware maximum if not clear.

Bellbird Single Class

Bellbird Single Class as announced (Taster Class) for Throwing / Hand Building / Glazing / Firing / excl. Clay
Taster Classes are 3 hrs long. Taster Classes are announced separately via our Booking Classes Page.

Bellbird Term

Bellbird Term at mentioned times on Schedule for Throwing / Hand Building / Glazing / Firing / excl. Clay
You get 8 classes each 2.5 hrs long, whereof each class has 15 mins of preparation and cleaning up. Teaching is 2hrs where students are getting demonstration and individual attendance.

Bellbird Open Studio Pass per year

Bellbird Open Studio Pass at agreed times for Throwing / Hand Building       (excl. Firing, Glazing and Clay)
The Bellbird Open Studio Pass is for those who know pottery, who are able to load/unload kilns, know how to use the wheel and/or handbuilding tools, are familiar with mixing glazes etc.  We are offering you to use the studio on the agreed “Open Studio Days” (4 hours per week/ 8 weeks per term / 4 terms a year), considering that you are aware of the health and safety regulations and follow them. The Bellbird Open Studio Pass is valid for all 4 terms within a year. Between the terms, the studio is closed and only open for special workshops.

Our Kilns

We have 4 Electric Kilns and 1 Raku Kiln:
– Rohde Toploader Ecotop Kiln  – 60L with dimenstions of (WxH): 40 x 45 cm
– Woodrow Kiln 1 – 170L  with inside dimensions of (WxDxH): 46 x 46 x 80 cm
– Woodrow Kiln 2 – 225L with inside dimensions of (WxDxH): 50 x 50 x 80 cm
– Woodrow Kiln 3 – 340L with inside dimensions of (WxDxH): 60 x 57.5 x 98.5 cm
– Rohde Raku Kiln – 170L with inside dimensions of (WxDxH): 61 x 61 x 58 cm

If you want to hire the whole kiln(s) please talk to your teacher about price and firing pattern.

Refund Policy & Course Cancellations

To ensure your spot in the term, the payment of the full class fee must be made on receipt of the class fee invoice.  If we do not have received payment of class minimum 14 days before class start, we have to cancel your spot.

We do not allow transfers between terms.

We refund when we change the class or due to medical reasons

Refunds of class fee will be made when we cancel or reschedule a class and you are unable to make the new date, or you cannot attend the classes due to medical reasons (medical certificate is required) and you have informed Bellbird Arts Centre before the term starts.

Refund if you change your mind before term has started

If you change your mind after you have booked your spot, you may transfer your booking to a friend – but only before the course starts. You have to inform us before the term starts and your refund will be done when the friend has paid the term fees.

Refund when you cancel minimum 5 days before

If you cancel your booking for a term start minimum 5 days befor it will cost you 15% cancellation fee from the term fee.

No refund is given less than 4 days before

No refund when you cancel 4 days or less days prior to the term has started, or you want to step back on or after the term has started, or you don’t turn up to the classes.

General Terms

We follow strictly the Health and Safety Regulations for a workshop, so please do listen to your teachers and ensure that you don’t bring yourself in danger.
Please note that we will only keep your pieces for 3 months before they will be donated or disposed of responsibly.
We are not open in School Holidays, only upon consultation and for extra workshops or other events. Please give us a call if you have questions.