Bellbird Bat Systems


The Bellbird Bat System is suitable for

Venco 3, 5 and Direct Drive with wheel-head 33cm

No adjusting required, just unpack put a chamois under and slip it on the wheel head, place the inserts and off you go 😃

We made 3 different Bellbird Bat Systems

  • Bellbird Bat BBS has the bat frame and 4 inserts with dimensions 15cm x 15cm. PRICE $190
  • Bellbird Bat BBM has the bat frame and 4 medium inserts with dimensions 21cm x 21cm. PRICE $200
  • Bellbird BBL system is a full size bat with locks underneath to slip on the wheel head. No inserts, suitable to throw large pieces. Set of 3 bats. PRICE $175

We also sell additional inserts

  • Bellbird Bat BBS.i inserts pack of 4. PRICE $70
  • Bellbird Bat BBM.i inserts pack of 4.  PRICE $80

The Bellbird Bat system is made from 97% hardwood and 3% natural wax with a light white paint cover. This makes them very sturdy and water resistant and therefore not warping. We still recommend not to use sharp or scratchy metal tools on them to protect the surface.  After throwing, let your piece dry for a bit and lift it of the insert bat. Clean the insert bat and keep them dry.

We use our bat system at our Pottery School, and it has proven to work very well and saves a lot of time and storage space. Our students put a chamois on the wheel first, then put on the bat frame and then insert the bat. They damp the insert bat a little bit and put their clay on.  When they are finished with throwing, they cut off their piece and lift the insert bat up.

We have specifically made a little gap with a bevel, so you can easily use your finger or a wooden tool to flip it out

How to order ?

If you are interested in ordering, please complete the form below with following information

  • Tick which Bat System BBS, BBM or BBL?
  • Any additional inserts for BBS or BBM (we sell only per pack)
  • Your Full Name and Post Address where we should send it to
  • Your mobile phone number

After we have received your order, we send you an invoice for payment. Once payment has been received, we send the Bat System/Inserts to you and give you the tracking number.

Happy Throwing from Kathrin @ Bellbird Arts Centre

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